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Asbestos Testing, Asbestos Removal Edinburgh and Around Central Scotland Tel: 0131 554 1004,The Key to managing Asbestos is to assess the extent to which the property is contaminated by asbestos containing materials (ACMs). We can organise this by carrying out a specialist Asbestos Survey, which identifies the location, type, volume and condition of any ACMs.

Ace Insurance Contractors Group has several trained members of staff who are approved to carry out Asbestos Sampling. We in turn send to a local scientific laboratory who is accredited by UKAS to carry out an Asbestos Test. Identification of asbestos in bulk materials and for airborne fibre monitoring. We would normally have the Asbestos Test back within 24 โ€“ 48 hrs.

Ace Insurance Contractors Group can establish the nature of any asbestos contamination and develop a cost effective asbestos action plan that directly addresses the risks concerned. We can organise for safe Asbestos Removal this would be carried out by our Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor.

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On Identifying Asbestos is present the chances are that it is one of the three main types of Asbestos in Buildings, all of which are potentially dangerous.

Brown โ€“ amosite      Blue – crocidolite     White โ€“ chrysotile

Asbestos in Buildings38

Many thousands of tonnes of asbestos were used in buildings until 1985. Its most common uses were:

  • Sprayed asbestos in ceiling voids and structural steel.
  • Pre-formed coatings and lagging on pipes and boilers.
  • Fire protection in ducts, partitions, soffits and ceilings.
  • Insulating Boards
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Floor tiles
  • Corrugated roofing sheets, rainwater goods and water tanks.
  • Textured finishes.

Call Our Claims Response Team Today and we will:

  • Arrange a site visit within 24 hours of your call
  • Guaranteed appointments – we turn up when we say we will
  • Carry out a FREE comprehensive survey of the damage, backed up by digital photographs.
  • Submit a FREE detailed building schedule/quotation for the repairs direct to your insurance company / loss adjuster.
  • Liaise with your Insurance company / loss adjuster if needed.
  • Upon authorisation agree a start date for the works to commence and assign you a dedicated Contracts Manager to project manage the works to be carried out by our team of dedicated reliable tradesmen.
  • We will ensure the work is completed on time and to highest standards  
  • Have our Customer Care Manager visit on completion and make sure the repairs have been carried out to your satisfaction.
  • Invoice your Insurance Company direct on completion of a signed payment mandate.
  • Give a 12 month Guarantee for all works carried out, providing you with complete peace of mind.

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